Colby Covington Is a Nightmare Matchup for Dustin Poirier, Here’s Why 

Dustin Poirier recently accepted Colby Covington's call out on Twitter.

Poirier is aiming to fight at welterweight on July 30th. But, did he make the right call by accepting the Covington fight.

Both Poirier and Covington are two of the biggest stars in UFC. So it's going to be a fun matchup.

However, Colby Covington is a nightmare matchup for Dustin Poirier.

Poirier has struggled against elite wrestlers before. His last two losses are against Khabib Nurmagomedov and Charles Oliveira.

Though Covington might not look for submissions early on against Poirier he will certainly outwrestle him and control him on the ground for the majority of the fight.

When it comes to striking, Covington would not be an easy task for Poirier either.

Covington has improved his striking a lot and he has proven the same with his performances against Usman and Masvidal.

Though Poirier is likely to put up a better performance than Masvidal, it's hard to imagine a scenario where he beats Covington, who will have the size and power advantage as well.

How do you think a fight between Covington and Poirier would play out?