Colby Covington reveals the actual amount he made for the RDA fight at UFC 225

In a recent interview with ESPN, Covington said that he did not make the reported $350,000 for the fight.

According to him, Colby made only a flat fee of $200,000

According to him, Colby made only a flat fee of $200,000

However, the coach Paulino Hernandez  allegedly did not believe him.

According to Colby, American Top Team founder Dan Lambert knew the actual amount he made for UFC 225.

“If you ask Dan Lambert, the owner of American Top Team, there is a rule when you fight you don’t pay any other coaches. You pay five per cent gym fee to the team and that’s it, he doesn’t want you paying any other percentages to the coaches because he’s going to distribute his five per cent out evenly to the coaches. I didn’t even have to pay any money to this striking coach. These claims are false, it’s fake news and it’s a lie.”

- Colby Covington

Ahead of UFC 272, Jorge Masvidal has repeated accused Colby of stiffing Hernandez

Paulino Hernandez also confirmed that he was supposed to receive $17,000. But he only received $5,000

The fight will take place this Saturday on March 6.

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