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Colby Covington and his Family

It’s quite clear that Colby Covington is playing a character inside the UFC. The former welterweight champion was on the cusp of being removed from the company. However, his heel turn surprised many and has made him quite relevant in the MMA world.

It is partly due to his MAGA persona that we know very little about the Colby Covington behind that mask. Since the heel turn, Covington has never posed with his family or sister for his social media platforms and continues to lead a private life.

Colby Covington Heel Turn

Did you know Colby Covington has a sister? Candace Covington never failed to shower her love for her brother on her social media account. Candace fondly calls him “Bubba” and there’s no denying the lovable bond that both Covington and Candace share with each other.



Candace is a professional dancer and choreographer. In the past, she has been spotted with Covington at ATT and works as a Health and Fitness coach and a motivational leader according to her Instagram profile.

Colby Covington Father and Mother

Colby Covington is a family man. Covington’s dad Brad Covington was present alongside Choas during his historic win over Robbie Lawler for the interim belt. Brad was a wrestler during his time in the university.

Colby Covington and Candace Covington

Candace made headlines when she called out Tyron Woodley in a story posted on Instagram after Covington’s impressive win over former champion Robbie Lawler for the interim welterweight championship.

Noelle Covington

Colby Covington’s mother Noelle Covington is a homemaker. Needless to say, the credit of Covington’s rise as arguably one of the greatest mixed martial artists of all time goes to both his father and mother who have stuck by him during his MMA journey.