Colby Covington Admits Suffering Brain Injury Due to Jorge Masvidal's Attack

Following the fight at UFC 272, Jorge Masvidal attacked Colby Covington at a restaurant in Miami.

Jorge Masvidal went to jail for his assaulting his former best friend and training partner, Colby Covington.

Well, the matter was settled in the court and the judge provided protection order to Colby Covington against Jorge Masvidal.

Jorge Masvidal pleaded not guilty at the hearing.

Colby Covington admitted that he suffered brain injury as a result of the attack and he is in fear of what Masvidal might do in the future.

As per the stay away order, Jorge Masvidal must keep 25 feet away from Colby Covington and 500 feet from Covington's residence.

Masvidal is also not allowed to contact Colby Covington directly or indiectly.

Jorge Masvidal believes Colby Covington insulted his kids and family with his trash talk leading upto their fight at UFC 272.

And that's why he allegedly attacked Colby Covington a few days after their fight.

It seemed the rivalry between these two were over after the fight. However, the recent incidents involving these two UFC elites is are certainly disappointing for the UFC fans.