Confirmed! Here's How Ezekiel Proved He is Not Elias

Ezekiel made his appearance first time on WWE after the WrestleMania 38.

Kevin Owens was still frustrated about his lost match with Stone Cold Steve Austin when Ezekiel barged in and left him infuriated.

Ezekiel claims to be the little brother of Elias, who is believed to be dead after setting fire on his guitar.

According to the WWE universe, Ezekiel is Elias with a shaved face.

Kevin Owens is adamant on proving Ezekiel isn’t the guy he’s claiming to be.

He was seen asking Adam Pearce and Sonia Deville to hold a lie detecting test.

On the other hand, Ezekiel is ready to take up the test and prove everyone wrong.

To Kevin Owens' surprise, Ezekiel passed the test in flying colours, proving he indeed is Elias' little brother

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