Jared Leto to play Conor McGregor on silver screen

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Recently, an exchange between Conor McGregor and Jared Leto has grabbed the attention of the fight fans.

Jared Leto is interested to play Conor McGregor on the silver screen.

If we do the UFC movie, if I was younger, I’d play Conor McGregor. I got the beard. What Conor does and what these guys and gals do is just extraordinary. I’m too old to do Conor probably, but you never know. We could maybe use some CGI.”  stated Jared Leto.

Well, it seems Conor McGregor certainly likes the idea of a huge collaboration with Hollywood icon Jared Leto.

Conor McGregor responded: "Jared Leto, I invite you to come and practice the part with me!”

Conor McGregor has already teased a new project with Netflix.


Conor McGregor is undoubtedly the biggest star in the history of mixed martial arts.

He created history by becoming the first two-division champion in UFC.


From a plumber to the biggest combat sports athlete in the world, Conor's journey is astonishing.

So it will certainly be exciting to witness McGregor's life story on the silver screen.