Conor McGregor Brings Back  the Old  Karate Stance

"The Notorious" Conor McGregor is the most Polarizing Figure in the History of Combat Sports. Now the Former Double Champion is Eyeing for a return into the win column, Hence McGregor is back with his popular Karate Stance. Here's a Look at  Conor McGregor's  preparation for the Trilogy

History of McGregor's Karate Stance

 The Notorious one is widely regarded as a one dimensional fighter because of his karate stance. But it was effectively and fruitful considering McGregor's achievements inside the octagon. 

McGregor's Karate Stance from UFC 205

Conor McGregor decided to change his stance to the traditional Boxing stance at his highly anticipated return for UFC 257. But Dustin Poirier shocked the world by finishing McGregor at round 2 via TKO. It was revealed that McGregor's leg was damaged because of the Calf kicks, which was because of McGregor's  Boxing Stance.

UFC 257- Boxing Stance

McGregor finished Poirier at UFC 179 via TKO in Round 1, He used his Southpaw Karate Stance.

UFC 264-The Trilogy

After an upset loss by McGregor, Another clash off these Lightweight Titans are inevitable. Hence, the UFC has now scheduled the third fight between McGregor and Poirier to headline UFC-264. Interestingly Mcgregor is back his Karate stance in his recent training camp


The full-contact square type of stance is called the Karate stance, Which can prevent the kicks and also reduced the damage to the calf. While in the traditional Boxing stance, which McGregor used prevents the reach of the jab, by hiding the chin. But it opens up the legs and makes it more vulnerable.

Boxing vs Karate          Stance

Conor McGregor has given his  Mystic Mac  prediction for UFC 264, Round 4  Front Kick KO