Michael Chandler vs Conor McGregor Very Likely; Confirms Dana White


Michael Chandler knocked out Tony Ferguson with a brutal front kick to the face.

UFC 274

In the process, Tony Ferguson suffered his first KO loss and his fourth successive loss inside the UFC Octagon.

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Michael Chandler called out Justin Gaethje soon after the fight for a rematch.

UFC 274

White Frame Corner
White Frame Corner


"I’d have a nice knock off this guy, no doubt about it. A firework spectacle. I like the 170 shout also. Tipped him over. I’m definitely game to fight this guy at some stage in my career. I see it happening after tonight. Congrats on a solid win Michael and another barnstormer." McGregor tweeted.

McGregor opined after a performance like that, there's no denying they will square off inside the Octagon once again.

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Chandler has called out McGregor in the past, and both the fighters have had nothing distasteful to say about each other.

Dana White shared his thoughts on the potential matchup in the post-fight UFC 274 press-conference. "That's a fun one man! Who the hell wouldn't want to see that fight. It's fun. Conor is not ready yet, when Conor is 100% and he can actually start training for fight, then we can talk about it."

How do you think a potential showdown between Michael Chandler and Conor McGregor goes down?

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