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Cristiano Ronaldo Denies Having S*x With Influencer Georgilaya

By: Yaksh Desai Image credit:  Twitter

Cristiano Ronaldo is once again under the public scanner, but this time for an "unethical reason" that could cause havoc in his relationship.

The Portuguese No. 7 is accused of having an orchestrated sexual altercation with a Venezuelan model, Georgilaya.

A media outlet tweeted, "The blogger, who goes by the name "Georgilaya," claimed that Ronaldo sent her a text message inviting her to his hotel room after she took selfies with some of the players."

After the allegations surfaced, the model was further questioned, and during the clarification, Georgilaya claimed that she and Ronaldo were staying in the same hotel, The Solverde, back on March 25, 2022.

She further stated that Ronaldo texted her and invited her into his room. the model further mentioned, "When I read the message, I thought that if I went there we would just talk,  and maybe I could get some more photos."

And then Georgilaya dropped the bombshell by saying, "I didn’t think that there would be s*x. The fact is, it happened. It consented on my part, but despite that, I felt manipulated, by the fame and power of Cristiano Ronaldo."

In retaliation, The former Real Madrid striker's spokesperson came out and stated, "This is completely false and defamatory", and that Ronaldo and Georgilaya never stayed at the same hotel.

This is not the first time that Ronaldo has been accused of having a forceful s*x as Kathryn Mayorga also blamed the Al-Nassr captain for r*ping her in 2009.

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