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Cristiano Ronaldo Fans Celebrate as Erik ten Hag's Man Utd Loses by 7-0

By: Ujan Chakraborty Image credit:Twitter

Manchester United suffered its biggest competitive loss in more than 90 years at the hands of Liverpool after a stunning 7-0 rout at Anfield.

Liverpool humiliated Manchester United. Erik ten Hag's team put in a disappointing and underwhelming effort, which resulted in a 7-0 defeat for the opponents.

"As a team, you have to stick together and we didn't do that which was unexpected. I don't think it's Manchester United. So it's really bad and poor." ten Hag said.

This season, references to Cristiano Ronaldo have been frequent since some supporters appear to think that United is playing better without the five-time Ballon d'Or winner.

Piers Morgan, who was among the first to criticize the United board following Ronaldo's contract termination, doesn't appear to hold the same viewpoint. Morgan mocked ten Hag on Twitter after the match.

"Don’t think we’ll be seeing any dancing tonight," Piers Morgan posted reacting to ten Hag’s comment when he said he could perform the dance move often.

Erik ten Hag was the victim of Morgan's direct attack as he continued to criticize the Manchester United management. He is a major Ronaldo fan, which explains why he didn't take Ronaldo's departure well.

"This is truly embarrassing. 7-0 down against our greatest rivals. A wake up call for ten Hag and Manutd." "I hope Erik has his runners ready again. This has been a deadset disgrace." were the comments made by the fans.

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