Cristiano Ronaldo Talks About Marrying Georgina Rodriguez

By: Remin Chacko  Image credit: Google

The most beautiful and stunning couple in football history is Cristiano Ronaldo and Georgina Rodriguez. They announced their relationship to the world a few years ago.

They have created a beautiful family together. Everyone thought that they are married but they are not married yet. The level of understanding that they both show Is also perfect.

In a recent interview with piers Morgan, the star player revealed that he wants to tie the knot with Georgina but now. He has a future with her but now he is focusing on the world cup.

Ronaldo met Georgina in a Gucci store. She used to work as an assistant sales worker in the store. Ronaldo was in real Madrid with the top goal scorer of the time.

Also, Georgina told the reporters that his physique and body attracted her. He was kind and gentle towards her. The way he spoke to her touched her emotionally.

Ronaldo and Georgina handed out a lot and went out for dates before they made their relationship public. Ronaldo brought her to his award ceremony many times.

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The couple is living beautifully with four children. Also, we know Ronaldo does have children through surrogacy. But with Rodriguez, he has two children.

The world and football fans have seen the couple going forward together. Everyone’s hoping that they could get married soon as he wants to tie the knot in the future.

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