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Cristiano Ronaldo Wants to Have a Dinner With Lionel Messi

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Cristiano Ronaldo the star player had an interview with piers Morgan last Sunday. Ronaldo opened up about many things along with his club.

Ronaldo said that he has been betrayed by his own club. Nobody wants him and Erik ten Hag does not respect him. He is no more interested in playing with the club.

The star player might leave the club in coming January and sign in a contract with another club. Now the star player is off for the Qatar world cup.

In the latest interview with Piers Morgan Ronaldo also opens up about his relationship with Lionel Messi. He hailed his long-term rivalry as an amazing player.

Indeed, there is a huge level of respect between both players. Both players are widely recognized as the finest players of this generation.

Messi is the only player with more Ballon d’Or triumphs than Ronaldo. Both the players have locked horns in their respective stints at real Madrid and Barcelona.

Ronaldo speaks to piers Morgan that he is not a friend of his but is a teammate. He says that his wife and Lionel Messi’s wife are from Argentina and they both respect each other.

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As a friend and a teammate I would like to have dinner with him one day, Ronaldo says this in his latest interview with Piers Morgan.

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