Cristiano Ronaldo Will Apologize to Nobody For His Controversial Interview

By: Remin Chacko Image credit: Google

Recently Ronaldo had an interview with Piers Morgan. The star player opened up about everything including his personal feelings about the United club. 

In Portugal's practice session he states that "he is bulletproof". After the interview, nothing can destroy him. United club is not a distraction for him.

United club is about to make some legal action against the forwards player. He says "timing is always timing". He is not worried about what others think.

He says "I will talk when I want to, I don't have to worry about what others think". Also, he shared his point of view regarding the video with Bruno Fernandez.

He said there is no friction with Bruno Fernandez. According to him the environment of changing room is excellent.

The 37-year-old is confident and there won't be a negative effect on his world cup sessions. Portugal will play its first game against Ghana and he is feeling great.

Ronaldo says "Portugal is the best team in the world, but we need to show it on the pitch". Ronaldo is focused and determined on his world cup tour.

This might be the player's last world cup. This is his 5th world cup tournament. The player said if his team wins he will retire 100%.

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