Fan Criticism Forces WWE Superstar to Delete Twitter Account

Money in the Bank women's ladder match was arguably one of the most interesting fights of last weekend's MITB.

There were several notable superstars, and some exciting segments. Top of it all, an incredible result with Liv Morgan securing the MITB contract.

However, there were several botches during the fight, which led many WWE fans to lash out at the WWE superstars.

The one got the most heat was Shotzi, who was criticized for her botched sequence with Alexa Bliss.

Shotzi was involved in a botched sequence with Alexa Bliss, that saw her tumble backwards with Bliss on the top, directly onto the ladder.

The grimace of pain was visible on Bliss' face. Needless to say, fans rained down heavily on Shotzi on social media for the botched sequence.

Some fans went to the length to suggest she should leave WWE. The social media criticism was too much to take for Shotzi, who deleted her Twitter account after the event.

It goes without saying, fans can be real brutal sometimes. Be that as it may, there's no denying the hard-work that WWE Superstars like Shotzi put both outside and inside the ring to entertain wrestling fans sitting at home.

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