By: Nikhil Chauhan

One-Legged Brock Lesnar Beats Lashley in Bizarre Fashion

Image Credit: WWE

A grudge match between Brock Lesnar and Lashley kicked-off Crown Jewel 2022 much to the surprise of wrestling fans present inside the arena.

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Compromised on one leg, Lashley dominated Lesnar with multiple spears outside of the ring. He then followed it up by brutal beating inside the ring.

Be that as it may, Lashley was able to counter with a suplex, but a valiant Lashley countered again with some impressive wrestling.

Another spear, and Lashley locked in the Hurt Locker as Lesnar grimaced in pain, shouting at the referee that he wasn't going to give up.

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However, as it turned out, Lashley vs Lesnar at Crown Jewel 2022 ended in a bizarre fashion as the Beast Incarnate emerged on top,

The size and weight of Lesnar proved to be too much for Lashley, who fell flat on the canvas with his shoulder down, with the Hurt Locker still on! 

The referee announced Brock Lesnar as the winner after three counts, with the WWE Universe visibly upset at the outcome.

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Booker T, sitting on the commentary desk described the match as an "a** kicking for Brock Lesnar." After the match, Lashley once again put Lesnar in the hurt locker.

Do you think there will be a rematch after the lackluster result at Crown Jewel? What did you make of the bizarre finish?

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