Daniel Cormier Admits He Cheated During His Hall of Fame Speech

Daniel Cormier and Khabib Nurmagomedov were inducted into the UFC Hall of Fame in a grand ceremony.

Both DC and Khabib gave an inspiring speeches detailing their journey to the top.

But, Daniel Cormier made sure to add a lot of humor into his speech, which made it even more fun for the crowd.

In fact, DC did not shy away from talking about one of his most controversial moments in UFC from the UFC 210 weigh-in.

To make weight for a light heavyweight fight, DC grabbed the towel and received a lot of criticism.

Well, after years DC finally admitted that he cheated during the weigh-in.

“Guys, I want to tell you something, because I think right now is the time to be completely transparent. I think I may have grabbed the towel in Buffalo."

Daniel Cormier confessed that his nutritionist suggested that old wrestling trick and luckily it worked for him.

Despite that, DC had an amazing career in MMA and he is certainly one of the best to ever do it.