Daniel Cormier Is Not an Enemy- Jon Jones on His Relationship With DC


Jon Jones is one of the greatest UFC fighters of all time with a record of 26-1-0

Jones has had a lot of rivals in his career but one in particular got a lot of attention which was his rivalry with Cormier.

Jones says that Cormier took his words in an offensive way. Jones was only trying to develop a friendly relation with Cormier

Cormier stated that Jones started saying how easily he could take him down. The pair didn't have a good first impression of each other.

This set up a rivalry which turned out to be one of the greatest rivalries seen in the UFC.

Their first brawl came after Gustafsson's injury made him get replaced with Cormier. The fight was an ugly one. It was so bad that it resulted in a broken stage. Both Jones and Cormier had their penalties Jones had even lost his Nike sponsorship.

 However, Jones seems to have moved on.

He tweeted that he thinks of DC as an opponent in the past. Once the fight is over, there's nothing to really fuss about anymore.

The two will never really be friends, but it looks like they have left the past behind them and have mutual respect.

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