Denis Shapovalov Gets Frustrated With Fans Mid-Match, Yells "Shut The F**k Up"

The Canadian tennis star Denis Shapovalov competed against Italy’s Lorenzo Sonego in the Italian Open.

During the second set Denis went on to argue with the match referee.

However the referee gave him a penalty point as he crossed the net.

Denis continued arguing as the referee explained according to the rules he had all rights to give Denis a penalty point.

Denis was not so pleased with this rule and said that the rule was stupid.

As the argument continued the home crowd started booing Denis.

Denis was in no mood to take that and yelled, “Shut the f*** up.”

Denis Shapovalov ended up winning the match with a score of 7-5, 3-6, 6-3.

As soon as the match ended he went to the referee and told that he was sorry.

During the interview he said that it was at the heat-of-the-moment and joked that now he knows all the rules.