Did Conor McGregor Really Apologize For Talking Trash to Beneil Dariush

Many UFC fighters are looking to make the lightweight belt their own as it stays vacant.

For the belt, they will have to battle against Charles Oliveira.

Beneil Dariush is one of those fighters who is seeking that opportunity.

However, Charles Oliveira wanted to face Conor McGregor.

Scribbled Underline

After knowing this Dariush expressed that he was unhappy.

Later McGregor tweeted, “Beneil Dariush is the biggest nobody in the company.”

After a while, McGregor deleted that tweet.


In response, Dariush said, “Find yourself somebody who will protect you as Marvin protects me… Where did that come from? What did I do to that guy? I will just take his, the fact that he deleted as a form of apology.”

McGregor has explained why he deletes his tweets.

He said, “I will always say what I need to say, it gets reported/spread, then I remove it from my page. It's done and out.I do not like to keep negativity on my channels.”

There is a huge possibility that McGregor will Dariush in future.

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