Disheartening Update on Randy Orton for WWE Fans

In a disheartening news for WWE fans, there are speculations regarding Randy Orton's return to the WWE ring.

Randy Orton, who has had recurring issues with his back, was sidelined after RK-Bro dropped their RAW tag-team titles to the Usos.


Riddle would go on to team-up with Shinsuke Nakamura, with Randy Orton temporary sidelined due to legitimate injury.

In a recent episode of Monday Night Raw, Orton's former tag-team partner Riddle even commented the Usos might have ended Orton's career, raising several eyebrows regarding his status.

In a latest report by Fightful, it is being reported that Randy Orton has not recovered from the back injury, and on the contrary, it only seems to be worsening.

Earlier, Orton was advertised for SummerSlam showdown against Roman Reigns, but if reports are to be believed, it's safe to say, that won't be the case.

WWE fears Randy Orton might undergo surgery, and could be out of in-ring competition for the remainder of 2022.

If that's the case, it puts WWE in a huge problem. Already, Cody Rhodes has been sidelined due to injury, while Roman Reigns works on a short schedule. Needless to say, WWE is missing top-names.

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