Donald Cerrone Exposes Anthony Smith; Leaks DM

It seems like we have a new rivalry in town as Donald Cerrone fires back at Anthony Smith over "false accusations."

Anthony Smith had accused Donald Cerrone of misbehaving with his family in a story dating back to more than three years.

Cerrone says Anthony Smith is lying

Anthony Smith had stated that back at UFC 235 during his fight against Jon Jones, Donald Cerrone and Dan Bilzerian made Anthony Smith's family quite uncomfortable with their behavior.

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Smith says cerrone came drunk at ufc 235

“They come and they wanna sit down and watch the fight, but they’re f***ing hammered. … And so, they tell them (Smith’s family) that those are their seats.” Smith said. “Dan Bilzerian and Donald Cerrone, removed my mom and my wife from their seats, while I’m getting ready to fight Jon Jones.” He further added.


Smith further added that Bilzerian was watching porn while the fight was going on, which made Smith's family uncomfortable.

Cerrone called false on Smith's claims and called him out for bringing up a three year old incident for no reason.

Cerrone systematically broke down Smith's claims and hit back at the former light-heavyweight title challenger for his false remarks. 

Cerrone revealed that they had tickets to the seats and Bilzerian was not "hammered" as Smith claimed because he doesn't drink.

Cerrone hits back at Anthony Smith

The claims from Smith also solicited a response from Dan Bilzerian, who left a DM to the UFC fighter.

Bilzerian called false on the claims and also addressed the statement where Smith said he was watching porn during the event.

"I don’t drink so I certainly wasn’t hammered. Your depiction of this story is complete bulls**t." He said.

"I also didn’t watch p**n, if she was looking at my phone I’m sure what she saw was a random Snapchat from a girl that turned out to be naked when I opened it." He added.

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