Dream Feuds for Keith Lee in AEW

Keith Lee just made his debut for AEW. Lee dominated Isaiah Kassidy. Now that he is indeed ‘All Elite’ the options for him have widened. What are the potential dream matches for the Limitless one?

Switchblade’ Jay White

Jay White is a wrestler from NJPW and is also wrestling on Impact. White showed up the same night, Lee debuted. White vs Lee will be a feast for the fans.

Adam Cole

Cole and Lee have battled each other in NXT. Cole was also supposed to be Lee’s manager on WWE’s main roster before he joined AEW. So the rematch between the two at AEW and the story should be intriguing.


A Monster vs Monster match has been done multiple times in WWE and other promotions, but how will AEW pursue it? How will it be when the wrestlers are given creative freedom? Certainly gets me interested.

Bryan Danielson

Danielson has always said that he wants newer and bigger opponents, Keith Lee and Danielson are 2 technical geniuses and when both wrestle each other it is going to be a wrestling masterclass!

Kenny Omega

The Cleaner is one of the best wrestlers in the world, Keith Lee is also a ‘Freak Athlete’. To be honest, both have limitless potential with a brilliant mind for wrestling. Looking forward to the innovative match-up.


Is it just to say MJF is the biggest heel in pro wrestling? If these two battle each other, just the promo battles will be off-the-charts.

Who else will open the forbidden door and become All Elite


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