Brush Stroke

Drew McIntyre Suffers Bruises After Being Assaulted by Roman Reigns

By: Jeron Jacob


During SmackDown, Drew McIntyre locked horns against Sami Zayn which ended with McIntyre landing a Claymore Kick on Sami Zayn and ending up being victorious.

However, after that things took a big turn as the Bloodline came in to attack Drew McIntyre and things went on to be pretty worse.

The two-time WWE Champion Drew McIntyre had no chance as even Sami Zayn joined them to beat him up resulting in a 4v1 situation.

While Roman Reigns and Sami Zayn were beating him up, the Usos brought steel chairs and continuously started hitting him with them.

After that, the Uso brothers took him out of the ring and threw him on the announcer's table, and later took some more chair beatings before being slammed by Reigns on the mat.

This move by Roman Reigns was taken in order to weaken Drew McIntyre before their Undisputed WWE Universal Championship at Clash at the Castle.

WWE was quick to share the pics of McIntyre after the assault, in the pics it was clearly visible that he suffered many bruises on his body.

With their rivalry getting heated up before their big showdown, many people believe that the Scottish Warrior will be the one who will dethrone Roman Reigns.

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