Dustin Poirier Makes a Big Request to UFC

Dustin Poirier is campaigning for a new division in UFC.

Many UFC fighters and even the fans have urged UFC president, Dana White to introduce 165-division in UFC.

However, Dana White is not keen on introducing new divisions in UFC.

Dustin Poirier has competed in UFC featherweight and lightweight division throughout his career.

And now he wants to compete at 165 division as he tweeted: "We need 162 lbs or a 165 lbs division."

Many UFC lightweights such as Islam Makhachev and Rafael Dos Anjos would certainly move upto the 165 division as they cut a lot of weight to compete at lightweight.

On the other hand, welterweights such as Gilbert Burns and Colby Covington can drop down to 165 as they are not too big for the welterweight division.

Addition of the new division would certainly make things exciting and give fans a lot of dream macthup such as Covington vs Poirier.

However, that will also decrease the talent depth in the existing divisions as many fighters would want to fight in the new division.

What are your thoughts on the addition of 165 division in UFC?