Dustin Poirier Warned Islam Makhachev After His Callout

By: Alok Nayak Image credit: UFC

After Khabib Nurmagomedov's retirement, his protege Islam Makhachev has become the undisputed UFC lightweight champion.

Khabib's childhood friend, Islam Makhachev beat Charles Oliveira to bring back the UFC lightweight title to Dagestan.

It's very likely that he will defend his title against the UFC featherweight champion, Alexander Volkanovski next year.

However, there is a possibility that Islam Makhachev might end up fighting the winner of Dustin Poirier vs Michael Chandler next.

Dustin Poirier certainly wants to fight for the title after his fight at UFC 281. However, it won't be the first time fans would have anticipated Poirier vs Makhachev.

Years ago when Islam Makhachev was a new comer in UFC he called out Dustin Poirier, who was a notable stars back then.

"I'm not sure who he is. But he can get his a** whooped man."- Dustin Poirier responded when Makhachev called him out back in 2015

Well, times have changed now as Islam Makhachev is the new king of the lightweight division and it will be Poirier who will be calling him out after UFC 281.

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 Dustin Poirier warns Michael Chandler that he will knock him out if he fight recklessly in their next fight at UFC 281.