Dwayne Johnson Has a Huge Supporter if He Runs for President

The Rock is a global superstar now who started off as a WWE wrestler.

He is immensely loved by the audiences for his movies as well as for his wrestling career.

But one of his family member Rikishi says that he thought Rock was going to play NFL Football because he was so bulky at the age of 15.

Rikishi also believes that Rock has made a way for all the wrestlers in the acting field. 

That was only possible because he has worked hard for it. 

He also said that when Rock went to Hollywood they were pretty sure that he would succeed. His statement next.

“He came into the family business, and went out there and opened the doors in Hollywood not only for himself, but opened the door for a lot of the wrestlers in our industry to be able to adapt and go into Hollywood, and that too, they can do just by seeing what Dwayne did –, you got a wrestler coming from our industry into Hollywood and pretty much took over the whole Hollywood! I mean, that’s that work ethic as a professional wrestler… we know nothing but the grind hard, we figure things out and we see things coming from a mile away. When you’re on TV, shooting things live, there is no pre-tape. You just give me your pointers and we put it in our own words and we make it happen! And by the time you see the Rock in Hollywood, we all knew unless something happened to him, that dude is going to take over Hollywood! Years later, there it is.”

Since the heated United States Presidential race in 2020 began, speculations have circulated that The Rock will run for President in 2024, and while his cousin undoubtedly has his vote, Rikishi does not believe a Vice President job would suit him.

“I’m voting for him! I don’t know about being the Vice President… [laughs] I’ll be voting for him though because I’m not the political cat; I’m just the cat who supports the people!”

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