By: Alok Nayak

Dwayne Johnson Has One Reason For Black Adam's Failure At Box Office

Image Credit: IMDb

WWE legend Dwayne Johnson has built an incredible legacy in pro-wrestling just by giving the fans what they wanted.

And the WWE star turned Hollywood star did the same in his DC debut, Black Adam by bringing back Henry Cavill's Superman.

However, Black Adam failed to beat Marvel's Black Panther: Wakanda Forever at Box Office as the MCU movie crossed $400 million in one week.

On the other hand, Black Adam is yet to cross $400 million despite being in theater for over one month. Fans have declared Marvel the winner in this battle.

But, Dwayne Johnson came out to shut down the comparison between DC's Black Adam and MCU's Black Panther 2.

"There is no competition with the established global brand of Black Panther compared to Black Adam and JSA who a year ago no one even heard of."- The Rock said

Dwayne Johnson even said the new characters in Black Adam were the reason why the movie did not do that well at Box Office. "No need to knock us, we're new babies and have to grow"

Black Adam introduced many new characters such as Dr Fate, Hawkman, Cyclone, Atom Smasher and Sabbac.

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