By: Alok Nayak

Dwayne Johnson Was Desperate and Obsessed to make Black Adam a Huge Success

Image Credit: IMDb

WWE legend Dwayne Johnson aka The Rock has inspired millions off ans through his work ethics and dedication.

The former WWE champion, Dwayne Johnson has found success in sports, WWE, and now he is one of the most famous Hollywood celebrities.

Dwayne Johnson recently admitted that he gave his all for his latest movie Black Adam, which marked the DC debut for the Rock.

It took years for Dwayne Johnson to make Black Adam. And he put a lot of effort for his physique in the movie.

"The physical transformation to become Black Adam was one of the most grueling, intense & demanding commitments of my entire career - including football and wrestling"- The Rock said.

"We had one shot to establish Black Adam as the most powerful and unstoppable force on this planet, so we removed all the muscle padding from my superhero suit  and we put in the work."- the DC star continued

The hard work did pay off as The Rock had the biggest box office opening of his career as the lead man with Black Adam.

So far, Dwayne Johnson's Black Adam has crossed $350 million worldwide and has done fairly well at Box Office.

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