By: Alok Nayak

Dwayne Johnson Was Not the Only One Who Fought for Henry Cavill

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Dwayne Johnson has been the people's champ since his exciting journey in WWE because he has always listened to the WWE universe.

And that's what exactly he did when he created the movie "Black Adam" by bringing back Henry Cavill's Superman.

However, Dwayne Johnson was not the only one who fought with Warner Bros. executives to bring back Man of Steel in to DCU.

In a recent interview with Chris Van Vliet, Henry Cavill revealed how his return to DCU was possible in Black Adam.

"There are so many voices which have gone into this and so much work whether I be Danny Garcia working endlessly and tirelessly to make this happen or Hiram Garcia and indeed the Rock as well."- Cavill said praising the Rock

"But there are other voices too. I just feel so fortunate that there are those people doing that and also the opportunity to actually be back, look at the future and build something exciting."- Henry Cavill continued

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With the return of Man of Steel, fans can expect to see him in future Justice League movies or even the upcoming sequel of Shazam.

On the other hand, Black Adam has been a success for DC at the box office as it has already managed to earn $250 million worldwide.

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