Edge Wants The Rock's Daughter to Join The Judgment Day

Edge is looking for a fourth member for his faction The Judgment Day!

WWE Hall of Famer is riding high on the success of his stable, The Judgment Day.

Who will be the new member of The Judgment Day?

Edge has been teasing the fourth member of the Judgment Day for quite some time now. Recently he shared the photo of Asuka, Mustafa Ali, among others in a huge tease.

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And the latest tease is sure to get the attention of pro-wrestling fans around the world.

Edge posts the picture of The Rock's daughter Simone Johnson in a major tease for the fourth member of The Judgment Day.

Simone johnson gets a new wwe name

Simone Johnson recently made headlines after she changed her Twitter name to Ava Raine; a name recently licensed by the WWE.


Edge is doing an incredible job as the leader of the The Judgment Day, and with Damien Priest and Rhea Ripley on his side, the faction has been quite dominant inside the WWE ring.

Simone Johnson has been training at the Performance Center since 2019. She still hasn't performed in the NXT ring, so it's hard to believe that she could make a jump to the main roster and start her WWE journey alongside Edge. 

Will Simone Johnson join The Judgment Day?

Moreover, Simone Johnson lacks experience and the move could backfire to have her in a prominent spot could definitely backfire.

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