Elon Musk to Buy Manchester United After Ronaldo's Exit?

By: Remin Chacko Image credit: Google

Manchester United is the most well known club in the world. Although their luster has faded in the last decade. Club still remains a hot topic of discussion.

The football world is enjoying the FIFA world cup, but suddenly their attention has shifted from international football to club football.

The star player claimed that the club is not respecting him. The club wants him to leave the club forcefully. The owners of the club are not interested in the club.

United fans want the owners to sell the historic club. Compared to their rival Manchester City, United has fallen behind significantly.

Last business tycoon bought Manchester United in May 2005. Then the Glazers bought the club for $790 million. Now after 17 years they are ready to sell the club.

Circled Dot

There will be no shortage for buying a club like Manchester united. There is one man who the fans want and it is Tesla CEO Elon Musk.

Football fans on twitter pleaded with him and asked him to buy the football club. Previously Elon Musk sent the fans a meltdown that he will buy the club indeed.

But later he confirmed that it was a joke and he is not interested in buying a sports club. He also stated that he would only buy Manchester United as he is a childhood fan.

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