“End Gun Violence” Coco Gauff Has a Strong Message

Coco Gauff reached her first Grand slam final after defeating Martina Trevisan in the French Open.

Gauff won the match with a dominating score of 6-3, 6-1.

During the on-court interview, Gauff shared some strong views on an important topic.

She talked about the recent mass shooting at a school in Uvalde.

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Gauff said, “In America, it’s a problem that's been happening over some years but now it’s getting more attention. But for me, it’s been an issue for years.”

She continued saying that she had a few friends who were a part of the shooting and luckily made it out.

Gauff added, "As I am 18 now I have the right to vote and I want to use that wisely.”


As the interview ended Gauff wrote “Peace. End gun violence.” on the camera.

Gauff concluded by saying that her team and her parents encouraged her to write that.

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