By: Alok Nayak

Even $150 Million Rich Drake Is Not Famous Enough For Hasbulla

Image Credit: UFC

Drake is arguably the best rapper in the world right now with a massive net worth of $150 million Dollars.

The Canadian Rapper has made a huge impact in the music industry and his Instagram account with over 124 million followers is a sign of his popularity.

However, Drake is still not a big deal for the internet sensation and the now UFC employee, Hasbulla.

In a recent podcast with the Nelk Boys, Hasbulla reveals messages from Drake. And he stated that he wants $500,000 for a meeting with Drake.

"You are my inspiration, when can we meet?"- Drake messaged to Hasbulla on Instagram. And Hasbuall's response will shock you

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"Thanks, bro. I am sorry I can't communicate in English. I communicate through a translator. I don't know when I'll see you. I will be in Dubai in October."- Hasbulla replied to Drake.

Later on Hasbulla said that he is too busy to meet with Drake and other celebrities. "I'm very busy. Only if he pays 500,000 Dollars"

Hasbulla recently signed with UFC and he is earning more than many fighters. He was present in Islam Makhachev's corner at UFC 281.

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