Every Celebrity Cristiano Ronaldo Has Dated Over the Years

By: Remin Chacko Image credit: Google

The all-star romances! Cristiano Ronaldo has been connected to models, reality stars, and many more before sparking his romance with Georgia Rodriguez.

The Manchester united player has a high profile and plenty of girlfriends in the past. The player has encountered many high-standard celebrities too.

Ronaldo dated the Russian model Irina Shayk for five years until the player decided to break up with her in 2015. The model didn’t get along with Star’s mother and decided to part ways.

Paris Hilton also dated Ronaldo and ended the relationship because she didn’t want to be “just a wag”. She was not interested in just a footballer’s wife.

The United player has also dated Gemma Atkinson back in 2007. Gemma Atkinson was with Ronaldo during his first stint with Manchester united.

Nereida Gallardo also dated Ronaldo. The relationship was just for 8 months and ended in 2008. During her mirror interview, the model said that “he was a courteous guy”.

Ronaldo has encountered a relationship with Niki Ghazian. She was a swimmer model. Both were together in 2008 while he was in a united team.

Now the star player is with Georgina Rodriguez, the mother of Ronaldo’s fourth child. They have been dating since 2016. They are still together and going strong now.

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