Every WrestleMania Appearance From Ronda Rousey

Ronda Rousey is one of the biggest stars in combat sports

She solidified the women’s division in UFC and came to the WWE to elevate the women’s division here as well

Let’s look at all of her WrestleMania appearances

WrestleMania 31

During the WrestleMania 31 event, The Rock and Triple H had a face-off and Stefanie McMahon slapped the Rock, Ronda Rousey was in the crowd and helped The Rock in taking down Stephanie McMahon

WrestleMania 34

This was the first official match of Ronda Rousey

She teamed with Kurt Angle to take on Triple H and Stephanie McMahon. It was the match of the night and that solidified Rousey as a top WWE Star

WrestleMania 35

Ronda Rousey was part of the first-ever Women’s Main Event at WrestleMania

Although, Rousey lost the match, it was one of the best matches on the card


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