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Expert Claims WWE Made a Mistake, Sami Zayn Should’ve Beaten Reigns

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The Bloodline is the most interesting and trending storyline in WWE at present. The star-studded team has drawn attention from all over the world.

Things got interesting when Sami betrayed The Bloodline and a feud arose between the Tribal chief and the former Honorary UCE.

This feud received plenty of attention, and the former Honorary UCE became the center of attention, even after his loss to Roman in the Elimination Chamber.

Wrestling experts Dave Meltzer and Bryan Alvarez believed that the storyline could have been more interesting, had Sami defeated the Undisputed WWE Universal Champion in the feud.

They believed that Sami was able to attract a lot of attention on SmackDown all by himself and that providing him with a title would have brought more success to WWE

WWE's Legend Dutch Mantel has a different take on this as he opposes the opinions of Dave and Bryan, stating that Sami cannot do anything by himself.

In his podcast 'story time', Mantel stated that The bloodline was successful because it had multiple WWE superstars and talents, like Roman Reigns, Usos, Sikoa, and Paul Heyman, besides Sami Zayn.

It is interesting to see that Bloodline has become such a popular topic of discussion that even WWE experts have a different take on what could have been the best decision for its ending.

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