F-16 Jets Involved For Security in FIFA World Cup 2022

By: Remin Chacko Image credit: Google

The FIFA world cup is the most important and awaited event in this world. Qatar world cup 2022 is around the corner and fans are also waiting for the event.

This time the world cup event is hosted by Qatar. And it has wonderful presentations and events. Qatar is illustrating and keeping itself as a competition among other world cup events.

The Polish national team was escorted by F-16 jets because two days before two poles were killed by a missile attack. Qatar ensures the team’s safe travel.

A video was viral on Twitter in which two F-16 jets were guarding a plane carrying Poland’s national team. The team got high profile escort from Qatar.

Due to the ongoing war between Russia and Ukraine, Poland’s national team gets air support to get to Qatar for the world cup. The jets tracked the plane until it left the polish territory.

They arrived later in Doha the capital of Qatar without experiencing any tragic incidents. On November 22 the team will play its first world cup match.

The Polish national team is in Group C with Saudi Arabia, Mexico, and Argentina. They will take on the Mexican national team on November 22 and Saudi Arabia four days later.

On November 30, Poland’s final group stage match is planned. Argentina, one of the favorites to win the championship and led by Lionel Messi, will be their opponent.

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