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Fans Call Conor McGregor a Traitor After He Betrays Manchester United

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Liverpool club a professional football club based in Liverpool England. The owner of the club is Fenway sports group. The club was founded in 1892.

Conor McGregor is happy to buy the Liverpool club. The FSG is accepting the offers from the bidders to sell the premier league club.

Conor McGregor might be the first ever double UFC champ to bid for Liverpool. The club is lacking investment and they are now dependent on Conor McGregor.

According to Forbes the LFC is valued $4.45 billion. Conor is worth $200 million, so it might be impossible for him to buy the club on his own.

Conor’s tweet says that he would love to buy the club. Fans criticizing him for being a united fan and buying LFC.

United and Liverpool are rivals, they don’t see eye to eye. And being a united fan Conor wants to buy LFC. Conor’s tweet has riled up the fan base.

Despite being a fan of united he showed his interest in buying united club. Now, he is into buying LFC and praising the club.

According to the reports Dubai investors are also into buying LFC. Conor being criticized for buying LFC as a united fan makes the fan base hate him.

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