By: Alok Nayak

Fans Find Cristiano Ronaldo Copying Andrew Tate in His Viral Interview

Image Credit: Twitter

Manchester United star and Soccer legend Cristiano Ronaldo recently received ton of backlash for his interview with Piers Morgan.

Cristiano Ronaldo talked about his relationship with many stars such as Lionel Messi, Wayne Rooney and Erik ten Hag during the interview.

During the interview, fans certainly noticed one thing. Cristiano Ronaldo's body language became a topic of discussion.

Fans noticed that Cristiano Ronaldo's hard gesture was very similar to Andrew Tate's unique hand gesture.

The internet celebrity, Andrew Tate has previously talked about this hand gesture, which is a tribute to his late father, Emory Tate.

"This hand symbol very innocently my father's hand symbol. When my father played chess he used to go like this. So I adopted it to show respect to my father"- Tate once said.

After watching this video, fans started claiming that Cristiano Ronaldo is a fan of Andrew Tate and watches his video.

Andrew Tate was canceled for his controversial opinions. However, he is slowly making his return with a potential boxing fight with Jake Paul.

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