By: Nikhil Chauhan

Fans Have a Request From Triple H Amid Bray Wyatt's Return

Image Credit: WWE

According to reports doing rounds on the internet, we could finally see Bray Wyatt return to the WWE ring.

Bray wyatt is back in wwe

According to Xero News, there's "a belief" backstage that Bray Wyatt is already back in WWE. However, the news is kept a secret.

Under Triple H, WWE has signed a couple of released WWE superstars, most notable being Dakota Kai, who made her return at SummerSlam.

Brush Stroke

With Triple H now the Head of Creative, fans are of the belief that we could see Bray Wyatt back inside the WWE ring.

Image Courtesy: WWE

Bray Wyatt's recent post on social media also seems to suggest that a huge surprise is on its way. Meanwhile, fans have already laid down their expectations from Triple H.

Fans are requesting Triple H to give complete creative freedom to Bray Wyatt and bring back his Fiend gimmick back inside the WWE ring.

Bray wyatt is back!

If the reports of Bray Wyatt back inside the WWE is indeed true, fans want nothing but to give Wyatt a run that he truly deserves.

Do you think WWE will revamp Bray Wyatt or will he return as the Fiend with complete support from Triple H? Only time will tell.

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