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Fans Jokingly Say Kamaru Usman Should Hire This New Guy as His Coach

By: Jeron Jacob


Kamaru Usman recently lost his UFC welterweight champion title to Leon Edwards during the UFC 278 event after getting knocked out.

However, Kamaru Usman took this defeat in a good sense, he later shared a meme on his Instagram account which became viral and many fans reacted to it.

Usman posted a picture of commander Dale Brown who is the founder of Detroit Urban Survival Training, where he gave a demo on how to defend head kicks.

Usman after getting knocked out against Leon Edwards with a head kick posted this demo and wrote if only someone would have told him earlier.

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After seeing his post, many fans reacted to it, one of them commented that Trevor Wittman who is the head coach of Kamaru Usman will get fired.

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While one commented, "Great to see that Usman is in great spirits. Hopefully, he bounces back, but is Leon Edwards time for now''

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As memes were being created about Kamaru Usman's defeat against Leon Edwards, Usman mentioned that these would help him get more motivation.

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Many memes went viral after this incident, to this Usman said that he feels more famous than ever and these memes will help him get better when he returns.

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