WWE Fans Leave Arena After "Vince McMahon's Favorite" Theory Picks Up the MITB Contract

WWE fans were not at all pleased with the results of Money in the Bank premium live event.

While Liv Morgan's incredible victory brought tears of joy, the headliner disappointed fans to the extent that they began to leave the show even before it actually got over.

Theory, who had just dropped his US title to Bobby Lashley, came in as a surprise entrant at Money in the Bank ladder match.

Theory is being pushed as the next potential face of the company, with comparisons to John Cena becoming more and more evident with every passing day.

Moreover, his close relationship with Vince McMahon is also used as promotional material in WWE programming.

However, Theory later proved himself in the Money in the Bank headliner, entering in the MITB contract match.

In what was a heated reaction to the result, Theory won the Money in the Bank contract to the boos of the entire crowd gathered inside MGM Grand Arena in Las Vegas.

Needless to say, WWE fans are not too pleased with Theory winning the Money in the Bank contract.

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