By: Fatima Roshni

Fat to Fit: NBA Legend Shaquille O’Neal’s Diet and Workout Routine

Image Credit: Reddit

With people suffering a great deal in the pandemic, sports athletes suffered a major drawback in terms of their physical training, lack of healthy lifestyle, and maintaining good mental health.

Shaquille O'Neal, who was known for his enormous size and physique in NBA before retiring in 2011, gained around 415 pounds during the pandemic and became quite overweight.

Deciding to return to shape during his playing days at a weight of 325 lbs before his 50th birthday, the Lakers legend shared his diet plans and workouts to reach the outcome.

A weekly planned routine focusing on different aspects every day of the week was done by him, starting with a punching bag routine for half an hour and leading towards the abs machine for 10 minutes.

Moving on to cardio for day 2, abs and biceps on day 3, cardio and leg workouts for day 4, day 5 with cardio, abs, and cardio workout on day 6, and day 7 ends with a post-workout picture.

As for his diet plans, the legend himself revealed during an interview having five meals a day. "I eat a healthy breakfast just to hold me for the day, three turkey sausages, four or five egg whites."

Adding further he said- "Meal two is gonna be some fruit, meal three is gonna be a shake and fruit, meal four is gonna be a light salad and then meal five is gonna be chicken, fish, or  a steak."

Being consistent with his diet and workouts for a week earned him a great change in his physique, including 4.9-pack abs, making a good start with more improvements in the coming days.

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