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Female WWE Star Hated John Cena After Their Breakup

By: Rahul V Krishnan Image credit: WWE and Twitter

John Cena is one of the all time greatest professional wrestlers of all time. He is a 16 time World champion in the company.

Cena has been the top star in the WWE for over two decades and therefore he has his own fair share of haters.

One superstar who used to hate "The Face That Runs The Place" was former Women's Champion Mickie James.

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In 2008 it was revealed that Cena and Mickie James were in a relationship but soon after this news was out Cena broke up with her and got engaged with his highschool friend.

In October 2009, Mickie James was moved from Raw to Smackdown and it was reported by Dave Meltzer that it was because she couldn't handle the breakup.

Meltzer reported that she kept annoying people backstage post break-up because she was too emotional after the incident.

Cena and James currently don't have any issues with each other. The two superstars were part of the Smackdown brand in 2016.

John Cena is currently a successful Hollywood star and is set to return to the WWE soon. Mickie James is signed with Impact wrestling.

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