FIFA World Cup 2022 Prize Money For Winner and Runners-up

By: Remin Chacko Image credit: Google

In this world cup 2022, Qatar 32 teams from all over the world are coming to participate in the tournament. The tournament will have 64 matches and winner will be crowned.

The winner will be crowned as the best team in the world and the final will be held in the Lusali stadium on 18 December.

The winners not only win an elegant trophy but also win exclusive prize money. The winner of the FIFA world cup is ready for a 42 million USD home.

The runners of this tournament will be awarded 30 million USD for reaching to the finals. The rest of the team will get 9 million USD.

The team will also get 1.5 million USD each for making it to the group stages. The cost will cover their expenses in Qatar.

This will be the most expensive world cup ever. Qatar is going to spend a huge amount on its infrastructure to accommodate the fans for the event.

According to the report, Qatar has made a staggering amount of $300 million on this world cup event. They have tried to make this world cup the most expensive in history.

Football fans are very excited about the world cup Qatar 2022. The opening ceremony was performed by Jung Kook from BTS. Fans are excited for more. 

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