First Look Of Naomi Osaka In Fortnite Revealed

The huge environment of the popular game Fortnite is adding another celebrity, Naomi Osaka to its collection.

Naomi, who is a big fan of the game Overwatch, will be added to the game of Fortnite with two different skins.

The skins which would portray the Grand Slam winner Naomi Osaka will go to sale on March 3

There are two outfits that come alongside the skins. The first skin is clearly influenced by tennis

The other outfit in the skin is called the “dark priestess” outfit, and both the outfits come with matching accessories.

 Naomi would be showing off her new character while she would be streaming on twitch on March 1st.

There are a lot of sports stars such as LeBron James and Neymar Jr who already have their own characters in Fortnite.

Fortnite is clearly trying to woo the fans of Naomi to download the game and buy her skins