Floyd Mayweather Dances and Steals Ring Girls' Job 

Arguably the greatest boxer of all time, Floyd Mayweather knows how to entertain the fans and put on a show.

Well, Mayweather did just that in his last exhibition fight against Dom Moore.

Don Moore is a former training partner of Floyd Mayweather with a record of 18-0.

But, Floyd Mayweather completely destroyed him in the exhibition fight. The difference between skills levels was obvious as Don Moore barely landed anything significant on Mayweather

In between the rounds, Floyd Mayweather even gave advice to Don Moore in his corner.

Mayweather was also giving tips to the referee and talking to commentators while the fight was still happening.

In a funny segment, Floyd Mayweather also stole the ring girl's job and took a lap in the boxing ring.

The boxing fans found this act from Mayweather extremely hilarious.

Floyd Mayweather has had a few exhibition fights since his retirement including one against Logan Paul.

At this point of his career, Mayweather is just enjoying himself in the ring while entertaining the fans in the process.