Floyd Mayweather Reveals Exciting New Look

Without a reason of doubt, Floyd Mayweather is the greatest boxer to ever step inside the boxing ring. The undefeated boxer and former champion Mayweather made headlines as he revealed a new look.

Floyd Mayweather has hinted at returning to the ring for exhibition bout. 

Floyd Mayweather was briefly linked to an exhibition bout against YouTuber turned boxer Logan Paul. However, the bout was shifted to later date with no further development.

The Return of Floyd Mayweather

Mayweather new post

In a recent post on Facebook, Mayweather revealed his exciting new look.

Floyd Mayweather boxing return

Floyd Mayweather was last spotted alongside PRIDE President and UFFC President Dana White, thereby teasing a massive project going forward.

Floyd Mayweather full hair

Usually bald, Mayweather sported full hair and beard in his new look ahead of potential boxing return.