By: Rahul V Krishnan

For the First Time Triple H Talks About Firing Sasha Banks

Image Credit: WWE

The whole Sasha Banks and Naomi incident has been a massive talking point in the world of pro wrestling.

Sasha Banks alongside her tag team partner Naomi had walked out during an edition of Monday Night Raw due to creative differences with Vince McMahon.

The duo reportedly left the arena after placing their championships on the desk of John Laurinaitis who was the head of talent relations during that time.  

Image Courtesy: Twitter

The former WWE Women’s tag team champions were suspended immediately after that incident and were never seen or mentioned on WWE TV ever since.

Image Courtesy: Twitter

In a recent interview with Ariel Helwani of BT Sport, Triple H addressed the whole situation between Sasha Banks and WWE.   

Triple H said: “Time will tell. There was a communication breakdown there for whatever reason. Starting back up that communication, it’s not a difficult process but it can be a process.

He also said that Sasha is an incredibly talented young woman and her future comes down to whatever she wants to do with her life and career.

Fans are now optimistic that Sasha Banks will make her return following Vince McMahon’s departure from the company. 

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