Former WWE Champion Suffers Nasty Injury on Smackdown: Hospitalized

Big E and Kofi Kingston have been feuding with Sheamus and Ridge Holland for about 2 weeks now

After Team Fight Night destroyed Big E’s ATV 2 weeks ago, last night Team Fight Night had a match against the New Day

Team Fight Night even got a recruit in Pete Dunne, who showed up and was given a new name, I will save that for a separate story

The tag team match was going well, to be honest

The finish seemed odd as a mistimed Brogue Kick on Kofi Kingston ended the match

Towards the end of the match, at ringside, Ridge Holland hit a Belly to Belly Suplex on Big E

Big E landed awkwardly on his head and after that he remained motionless

The medical team quickly went on to check on Big E

Unfortunately, Big E injured his neck and was hospitalised

Ridge Holland has been very sloppy and resulted in getting injured during his short time in WWE

He got injured by over-doing things during a very important storyline back in NXT 1.0

At WWE Day 1, Holland decided to not turn his head to the right side and took a knee straight to his face from Ricochet and thus was out of action for a few weeks

Upon seeing him getting injured twice already because of his own fault, I was wondering when he would injure someone else and now he has injured Big E

Neck injuries are very dangerous and at the moment there is no exact time on how long Big E will be out of action

It has been a tough year for Big E, he lost his WWE Title at WWE Day 1 and now an injury that could put him out of action for the rest of the year

We at SportsManor wish Big E a speedy recovery and hope to see him soon looking better than ever


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